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And in one section, it casually describes the END of the WORLD?

How in the hell is church boring when religion is full of the coolest, most radical tales?

In the past two weeks Radebe, through his public relations people, set up a number of meetings to engage with the Sunday Times.

Three meetings were held, but there was no official response to the allegations, despite promises.

Did you know there’s a whole story about a dude who built a boat and he put EVERY ANIMAL into it because God felt like drowning everyone?

And there’s another story about a dude who walked on water before turning his friend into a zombie?

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She blew the whistle on the minister and his sexting to bolster her claim she was being victimised by her bosses at the government communications agency GCIS, for being "improperly close" to politicians at the Union Buildings when, in fact, they were the ones "chasing after" her.“Sex and Text, Priest and King: Taking the Manuscript Literally in Late Anglo-Saxon England,” Faculty Series, English Department, UCSB, March 2004 “Sexuality in the Late Anglo-Saxon Laws or What has sex to do with priests?” Modern Language Association, San Diego, CA, December 2003 “Conversion and International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, May 2002 “Bede’s Families—Virginal and Otherwise,” Medieval Association of the Pacific, San Diego, March 2002 “The Sexual Practices of Virginity and Chastity in Aldhelm’s ” (presented at International Medieval Congress 2000, University of Leeds, England, July 2000).“The Formal Enactment of Anglo-Saxon Kingship: The Case of Alfred's Laws” (presented at the 33rd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, May 1999).“Virginity, Chastity, and Masculinity in Anglo-Saxon England” (presented at the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Assoc. “What Early Texts Do and Do Not Tell Us About Anglo-Saxon Women” (presented at the 31st International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, May 1997).Royden's engagement with the new sexological and psychological approaches to the self and sexuality is examined, as are her efforts to modernize religious understandings of sexuality through a more compassionate, progressive reading of women's capacity for sexual pleasure, marriage reform, divorce, birth control, and homosexuality.


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