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To consolidate all of your debts, your first option would typically be to approach your bank or credit union and see if they can help you.If you have a mortgage, you might look to see if you have enough equity in your home to consolidate your debt with your mortgage.Moving is stressful, and financing a home can be too, even if you have been through it before.There are so many options: port the mortgage, assume a mortgage and start a new one, break a mortgage, or bridge financing.This is usually people’s preferred option since mortgage interest rates are usually much lower than other loan interest rates, and mortgages can be amortized (paid) over 25 years.This means you can arrange much lower monthly payments than with another type of loan.Allow us to assist with calculating the option that works best for your situation.Renewing your mortgage is the perfect time to take the opportunity to find a better rate or something that better fits your payment needs.

We are comfortable applying money-saving strategies to a variety of scenarios and have a team of specialists to deliver results."You only see one puzzle piece, never the whole puzzle.So you miss out on the benefits that consolidation brings, like saving on fees, better rates for your outstanding debt and a clearer picture of whether you're really meeting your financial goals." The easiest place to start consolidating is with your bank accounts-especially if you use several different financial institutions.Overwhelming debt is a stress that no one should suffer through for long. Between work, kids, friends and paying bills, things get pretty hectic.It would be our pleasure to reach out to multiple lenders on your behalf and get you a great rate.


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