Dating as basis for grievance texas

Allegations of illegal discrimination contained in complaints or grievances will be forwarded to the Office for Inclusion and Equity for processing under the University's Handbook of Operating Procedures. Alternative Dispute Resolution The University favors communication between supervisors and employees in order to resolve workplace concerns promptly.In an attempt to resolve employee disputes promptly, alternative dispute resolution efforts are initially required for the processing of employee grievances.Such conditions include wages, hours, or any other matters related to the employer-employee relationship.Complaints and grievances should identify the basis of the dispute, including specific facts, and provide relevant documents or any other information pertinent to the matter.If the complainant wishes to remain anonymous, the university will take all reasonable steps to investigate without disclosing the name of the complainant to the extent allowed by state and federal law.If the complainant wishes to remain anonymous, the universities ability to investigate and otherwise respond to or address any allegation will be limited.The best and most lasting solutions and resolutions are those created by the people directly involved.

This process is applicable to employees only on an individual basis.It is the policy of The University to encourage fair, efficient, and equitable solutions for problems arising out of the employment relationship.Complaints concerning wages, hours of work, working conditions, performance evaluations, merit raises, job assignments, reprimands, the interpretation or application of a rule, regulation, or policy shall be considered as grievances and will not be processed through the Discipline and Dismissal Appeal Procedure.The grievance should be submitted via Advocate within 30 days from the date of the alleged incident.If a complaint is submitted after the deadline, a determination on whether to process the report will be considered on a case-by-case basis by OSRR.In our efforts to promote a campus climate of integrity and excellence, we encourage all students to initially address their complaints directly with all appropriate parties involved in a dispute.


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