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Storer and this is Relations: The Podcast, the on-demand radio show giving you better relationships, and more importantly, helping you become a better person to be in a relationship with…In today’s show: Leslie Battle is a Texas native who began her comedy career after a distressing divorce.

She is also a career soldier who served almost 13 years on active duty, but currently serves in the Ohio Army National Guard.

Although, he is one of the sweetest guys in the world, we tussle in the middle of this podcast about what kind of questions you should ask on the first date. This is the first time I ever wanted to listen to one of Evan’s podcast more than once. Though Evan is right, if they would have told me before I become emotionally invested, I would not have even hesitated for a second to end the relationship.

It’s juicy stuff and useful to see things from both sides. To learn more about Jonathon Aslay, click here to visit his site. I have to agree with Evan, even when Jonathon reframed the questions politely, they still screamed test to me-being tested is insulting. I never realized how unbeneficial it is to date a divorced person; I never though about it before but it seems “for me” they are best to be avoided in dating, especially as Jonathon said, someone who married young and divorced 20 years later.

It will likely take up to a year or more for you to recalibrate.

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I'm supporting all these people.' It was just crazy," the actress said.

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is, “When can I start dating after my divorce? I have to be honest: I don’t have a lot of dating experience, partially by choice, partially not. But, the truth is, I have a full-time job, a growing ministry, three teen/pre-teen kids who are with me almost 100% of the time. They know I don’t allow myself to be in situations where I might compromise my morals.

” There are multiple variations: Can I date during the divorce process, even if my divorce isn’t final? It simply doesn’t leave much time for meeting and building a relationship. They know dating is only one aspect of my life, and they know I trust God to bring the right one along in his time.

But God has so much more for us than just companionship. Last summer, I had a gentleman show interest in me. I want my daughter to be strong enough to withstand the pressure of a man who might use her. I have the privilege of modeling for my kids a proper way of dating. They know I don’t tolerate being treated as an object.

It’s tempting to look at outward appearances, to date someone who is a marginal Christian…or not a Christian at all. I don’t know about you, but I lost myself in marriage. I want nothing more than for my kids to honor God in this time of their lives, to date as God would have them to and not as the world tells them to. I want my boys to treat ladies as gentlemen should. They know God is first and foremost in every relationship.


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