Updating calculated gridview field connectionsdating com

I want to update the row and show the computed columns as soon as I end editing it. I have an idea if I did it like importing the data from SQL in a datatable and bound that datatable to the gridview in this case since the datatable will contain the computed column will call its endedit function to get the value of the calculated field, then when I click the save button the datatable is copied to tableadaptermanager sent to the database, isn't this possible ?

I've a application with a datagrid in WPF with C#, I've 4 columns, and I need that the four column is calculated with respect to the other columns.

A_B is the pivot (id, a_id, b_id) I display in a gridview all A instances and i collect easyly related B model. The following lines of code are updated (similar to what you have done).

A formula that references itself creates a circular reference, and so the node is disabled.

In this post I'm going to demonstrate how to accomplish this using the same method used in my previous examples.

Basically I'm just going to modify the Grid View declaration and replace the Label price field with a Text Box so that users can type on it.

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